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Sunday, 18 March 2012

So off I went to the salon on Saturday to get my nails done again.  I was very excited with it being the second time I have ever had Shellac done.

My previous colour was growing out and I couldn't wait for a change.

I went with the intention of going lighter this time, but as soon as I was shown this colour I couldn't resist.

I must say, given that the colour I had on my toes was near enough the same - it felt like fate!

I absolutely love this colour, it pretty much goes with everything and what you can see here is that it has a shimmer in it which is just so pretty.

Now I promised you an update before I changed my colour so here are my nails at 11 days...

As you can see my nails had grown quite a lot and I desperately needed to sort out my thumb nail.  Which we did by using some nail glue before adding the shellac polish when putting the new colour on.

All in all though I think not bad at all considering it had been on for 11 days.  I am almost certain that I would have made it to 14 days without any further chips - which is good because it makes the treatment totally worth while.

In terms of the thumb - that was just bad luck.  In all honesty, for me I am already a convert and addicted because usually all my nails do this and whilst they grow quickly, they usually break as quick, so I am definitely excited to see how my nails are after a couple more weeks!

What do you think this time ladies of the colour?  Anyone else a recent Shellac convert!?
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