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Thursday, 7 April 2011

I recently filmed a March favourites video (not uploaded) which got me thinking about my all time favourites and I couldn't believe that I had not shared this with you before.

Just by way of background I should add at this stage that I have always been a lover of Redken. Well I say always, what I mean is ever since I started using it around 4 years ago. Don't get me wrong, I do use other products, but I know that using Redken keeps my hair shiny and soft when it's at it's worse so I know it is good for my hair.

Ok, on to this particular Redken Beauty. It is part of the extreme range (dark blue) and is a leave in treatment which reduce friction from brushing by smoothing the hair cuticle and therefore resulting in less breakage. The texture itself is like a very runny conditioner. I would take a picture but frankly it looks a little disturbing...

Despite the appearance (if you over analyse when trying to describe!) this product works really well. I started using this around 2 years ago and I would definitely not go back to life without it. I have noticed significantly less breakage for sure and always swear by it.

Now this is not a miracle product for me, in that my hair hasn't magically grown to Rapunzel like length as a result of using this, but it is always more manageable, styling much easier in addition to maintaining the shape of the style for longer in adverse weather conditions.

This is one of my vitals in my hair care routine being applied immediately after washing.

This is a definite recommendation. I have been paying £16.10 for it from a salon in Manchester. ERROR. Feelunique offer it for £13.60 with free delivery here.


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