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Monday, 6 December 2010

Hey lovely ladies!!!

Yes I know - most of you will already have this foundation - but it is my first time purchasing it so naturally I had to review!!!

I LOVE it. It is the perfect coverage and makes my skin look flawless. Also, another bonus - it lasts ALL day for me (even without powder to set) Yay.

I use shade NC30 which is the perfect tone for my skin and blends perfectly with my neck. Any darker and I would look RIDIC-U-LOUS. Any lighter and my skin looks a bit Twilighesque - you know death like pale (having said that - them vampires are just so stunning, shame I can't pull it off - haha)

Anyhooooooooo - here is what it looks like on with flash:-

And here is what it looks like without the flash:-

I am loving this foundation. It is so so good and perfect for all the xmas do's coming up.

But alas! There is one flaw - its really drying on my skin. Anyone else have this problem??

Please tell me your secret moisturiser/primer remedies for prevention of dry flaky patches when using this foundation?????

Thank you xxxxxxxx
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  1. This is something I want to buy in the future some time, and I was happy to hear what you wrote! But when you say that it dries you out, what skin-type do you originally have?

  2. Have you tried johnson and johnson 24hr moisturising cream?? That works wonders on my skin when its dry xxx

    oh and its normally on offer in boots or tesco

  3. Thanks for the review :) Its very helpful

  4. i love your lashes. :)

    awesome review :)

  5. I loved SFF about a year ago but I haven't used it for a very long time that i think my bottle might be off! I might get a new bottle after seeing how lovely your skin looks xx

  6. I haven't used this foundation, but it's definitely on my list of MAC wants! I hear it's supposed to photograph really well, EVEN with flash, EVEN though it has SPF too! Judging from your pictures, looks pretty true! Definitely wanna get my hands on a bottle! :)

  7. I love Studio Fix! It's my all time favourite foundation.. So far! I don't find it drying though.. But that's probably cause I have oily skin! xx

  8. Before applying any foundation I use my Bio-Oil, makes my skin feel so moisturized.


  9. I wanted to love this foundation but even NW15 is too dark for me ... I went ahead and bought it anyway and it gave me acne and I have great skin normally :( But glad it's worked well for you!

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    Kat x

  10. It looks really nice on you girl! :) Wow your lashes are out of this world!! *super jealous*


  11. You have gorgeous lashes. I love Origins Mega Mashroom moisterizer. It works well under this foundation.

  12. Thanks for all your comments girlies - for those of you who asked - my skin is already prone to dryness so if you have normal/oily skin I think you would be fine :)

    I have used it with facial oil today which worked better! x

  13. The foundation looks amazing on you! I also have dry skin. I always use a moisturizing primer, and cetaphil moisturizer works the best for me.

  14. I use makeup forever's elixir it's like a serum and a little goes a very long ways. I just put a little on my dry patches and work it in and the patch is good to go for the rest of the day.I use this every single day. I hope this helped a little.


  15. I started using Differin about a month ago, I was fine at first. But then around the 3rd week, my skin started to get really dry and PEEL like a mofo. I didn't want to scrub it because I was afraid that would cause hyperpigmentation. My derm said I could only use oil-free moisturizer. So I used my regular moisturizer, but before I put on my makeup I would use two pumps (I usually only use one) and I would really work it into my skin. I massaged it into my cheeks for about 2 seconds and let it sit while I did my eyes. It really helped. The moisturizer totally soaked into my skin and the flakiness was much less obvious. Plus my skin looked really glowy from the massage.


  16. It is better to apply a god primer before you apply foundation on your skin. I want to know that does it hide mild pigmentation. I had a skin hyperpigmentation treatment but it’s still underway so want something that totally hides my pigmentation.


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