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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Most of you will  now know that I am partial to a gel polish.  It started with Shellac manicures every two weeks until I moved and purchased my own at home kit because to continue getting them done in Manchester would bankrupt me!

I have now used Shellac, Gelish, Red Carpet Manicure and Sensationail.  Shellac is still my favourite, but I am not trained so I can't really get hold of that.  So generally I use red carpet manicure and the lamp I had also is red carpet manicure.

Last week I spotted a new brand I had not heard of at the clothes show.  Namely, Mint Shellac.  They seem to be pretty new on the scene and their products definitely look to copy Shellacs.  They even have a Mint Shellac Solar Oil!! As far as I know though they are not in any way affiliated with Shellac.  Cheeky!

Anyway, they were offering manicures and had quite a wide range of colours and accessories so I was pretty interested.  In the end I managed to pick up four colours and a lamp for a real bargain.  Things were reduced but normally colours are £10.99 and the lamps are £69.99.

I picked up the lamp because it is a UV one (mine is presently a LED one) and I can fit in the whole of my hand (not just four fingers like my LED one).

The colours I got are St Petersburg (grey), San Diego (pink), Ciaro (nude) and Monaco (deep red) and I can't wait to try them all but for now I have tried the grey and I love it.

Having tried both the polish and the lamp I am so impressed!  The colour is deep and so you only need two coats, with my red carpet manicure and sensationail the colours are always quite sheer even after a couple coats.  It applies easily and cures well.  I think that's partly due to having a lamp that all of my hand can fit in too as the lights aren't just based at the top, so the sides of the nail get cured too.

Here's the result...

Shiny shiny!
Definitely going to be buying more of these.

You can our base them here.



  1. That looks really nice. I love how elegant they look xx

  2. Beautiful and classy shade!! I'm amazed :) xx

  3. these look great! & im loving the new header/design.x


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